Our Competencies

The experience and the acquired competences in almost 50 years of presence in luxury leather handbags market are for Bottega Manifatturiera Borse the priceless value that sets us apart and allows us to satisfy our clients. To anchor Bottega Manifatturiera Borse as a major luxury handbags partner worldwide, we focus the resources of the company on four core competencies creating unique value to our clients.

Engineered craftsmanship

Bottega Manifatturiera Borse allies traditional know-how, modern craftsmanship and product engineering. Our culture relies on the ancient gestures and know-how. However craftsmanship also means permanently creating new codes and new techniques.

Bottega Manifatturiera Borse maintains the tradition like precious secrets and discovers new techniques reinventing permanently craftsmanship becoming an engineering science merging traditional know-how and modern techniques.

Competitive value chain

Bottega Manifatturiera Borse developed stabile manufacturing processes and optimized value chains leading the company to cost competitiveness and reliability for clients. We go beyond requirements and expectations of most prestigious luxury houses by managing our manufacturing processes

and the entire value chain under rigorous management standards. The complete company dedicates its attention and expertise day after day to improve processes and procedures in order to comply with the highest quality requirements as well as to achieve competiveness and reliability for its clients.

Time-To-Market development

Bottega Manifatturiera Borse ensures time-to-market product development to supply the right qualitative product at the right time. Under technology changes affecting media, distribution as well as behaviors timing is an increasingly factor of success in the luxury industry. Bottega Manifatturiera Borse has developed strong expertise and competences to respond to the requirements of the luxury industry for time-to-market development.

The qualitative excellence of the finished handbag depends upon the precision and reliability of the whole process from the prototype through sampling, testing, planning and finally the manufacturing. Bottega Manifatturiera Borse relies on its almost fifty years of experience and expertise to monitor this highly complex product development under time constraints that requires agile organizational structure and yet robust processes.

Social and Environmental Governance

Bottega Manifatturiera Borse with its background as a privately owned company with a familiar structure and culture and more recently with a Private Equity shareholder behaves as a responsible citizen. As an inheritor of the Florentine traditional craftsmanship for high quality leather family company Bottega Manifatturiera Borse is culturally driven through a perception of durability and care both for natural and human resources what is nowadays increasingly known under sustainability.

Running expertise, competencies and programs are supported and permanently challenged through Halder Environmental, social and corporate governance by key performance indicators which in turn are reported to Halder investors and the UN Secretariat.

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