Creating the future

Bottega Manifatturiera Borse is anchored in the tradition of the Florentine leather craftsmanship. However, it would be however an incorrect interpretation to position craftsmanship in a museum. Craftsmanship is actually the exact contrary of museum. It is modernity. Florentine craftsmanship since its origin in the Renaissance was always linked with workshops. Therefore, craftsmanship doesn´t traditionally only have an artistic dimension but also a very strong manufacturing aspect.

In yesterday´s workshop as well as today´s manufacturing, craftsmen are learning and experiencing ancient practices and are also creating new ones. Craftsmanship keeps therefore the tradition alive but additionally discovers new techniques. Craftsmanship is the exact contrary of a museum as it is an attitude of thinking and creating the future. At Bottega Manifatturiera Borse we understand this management culture as a heritage and a respect of craftsmanship. A modern craftsmanship

Competitive value chain

At Bottega Manifatturiera Borse we take this cultural heritage seriously as a part of our identity. We are merging craftsmanship with engineering. For us craftsmanship and engineering, value chain and competitiveness belong together. Craftsmen during the Renaissance were in direct contact with the street, where they exchanged views, tested new materials and invented new techniques. At Bottega Manifatturiera Borse we are perpetuating this modern culture.

We are constantly in contact with our clients, with the market, with engineers, and with machines producers looking for new trends, new techniques, and new ways to organising processes. At Bottega Manifatturiera Borse we are seeking for a competitive value chain to create a unique value for our clients. We have a modern understanding of craftsmanship which allies with traditional know-how and product engineering to lead to superior quality at competitive costs.

Manufacturing processes

This managerial culture goes through the whole value chain and particularly through the entire manufacturing processes. The qualitative excellence of the finished products depends on the capability of selecting and checking the materials and components used. Achieving highest quality standards mean active quality procedures at every step of the manufacturing process.

Engineered quality and competitiveness are success factors in the modern luxury world. Latest generation of machinery enables the company to maximize precision and to valorise precious material and waste. They optimize working times while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Matching Time requirements

Modern craftsmanship means at Bottega Manifatturiera Borse means that engineering performs highest quality standards efficiently to achieve reliability to our clients, reliability in terms of quality, costs and time requirements. Indeed time-to-market will lead to supplying the right qualitative product at the right time responding to customer’s desire and clients requirements of speed and optimization of working capital.

Time-to-Market requirements are in the context of shorter product cycles and increasingly expectations of final customers to have high variety of choices available on e-commerce platforms enormously important to our clients. It's like managing a balance between optimization of working capital and responding at the right time to the customer’s desire. One of Bottega Manifatturiera Borse main focuses is the ability to develop products under short lead constraints.

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