About us

The history

Bottega Manifatturiera Borse was founded in 1968 by Mr. Gianfranco Lotti and managed until 2013 as a privately owned company with a family culture and structure.

The collaboration with international fashion brands started in 1986 and throughout the decades Bottega Manifatturiera Borse built its reputation as an outstanding manufacturer, establishing strong relationships with top international luxury brands.

Florentine tradition of craftsmanship

The history of Bottega Manifatturiera Borse is woven with the city of Florence and the craftsmanship Florentine tradition since its origin 1968. Bottega Manifatturiera Borse is heir of the great Florentine tradition combining the ancient secrets with the vision of modernity both in style and in manufacturing process using modern technology that grants constant quality in time.

The quality of manufacturing and the use of efficient techniques allowed the company to constantly grow. The history of Bottega Manifatturiera Borse is intrinsically merged with the traditional Florentine artisanship relying on the highest quality standards and human savoir-faire from generation to generation.

Social standards

We culturally care about our employees as though they are part of our family. The management of the company knows every single employee and has a personal commitment to each worker. This gives our customers the guarantee that we are managing the company and our employees - no matter their origins -

under Italian and European social standards which belong to the highest governance standards worldwide. Being a midsize enterprise allows the direct monitoring of our production processes; all chain of activities are under Bottega Manifatturiera Borse direct control.

Ready for the future

Bottega Manifatturiera Borse has been taken over by Private Equity Halder as a majority shareholder to implement a smooth ownership and management succession, Mr. Lotti remaining a shareholder and an active Director of the company. Halder has the declared goal to give the company under its aegis long-term strategic conditions of a sustainable growth in the field of business-to-business luxury activities.

The vision of the shareholders and the management is to enable Bottega Manifatturiera Borse to grow into one of the top luxury handbags partner worldwide, combining craftsmanship, sustainability and competitive value chain to create unique value to the most prestigious luxury brands and companies. Bottega Manifatturiera Borse will, under the impulse of CEO and Delegate of the Board of Directors, Mr. Franco Lucá, capitalise on its strengths, heritage, know How and reputation to insure sustainable and competitive growth increasing day after day the creation of value to its clients.

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